Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deadline For Filing Contentions Fast Approaching

Contrary to the reports in the newspaper, citizens still have five days left to Intervene in the License Renewal process for Indian Point. It is promising to be quite the party, as the State Attorney General weighed in on Monday strongly supporting the closure of the plant. Most of the key players have weighed in, so it is doubtful that there will be any major surprises, as everyone knows PHASE (Susan Shapiro's new organization) will coming running into the fray at the very last minute, basically filing a rehash of everything that FUSE USA has already filed.

Meanwhile, we have Entergy and the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board doing everything in their power to keep FUSE USA, and more specifically Sherwood Martinelli from having a seat at the table. The latest from their bag of tricks, is to threaten to toss both FUSE USA and Sherwood Martinelli out of the process because he had the audacity to call the board a bunch of Pro-Industry Pricks...forget the fact the charge as leveled is true. They feel such a statement is disrespectful to them as JUDGES...well EXCUSE ME. If FUSE USA has their contentions tossed, it might work out best...would give us an instant ACCESS into the courts for a review, and that in turn could mean the court gets to decide which of our contentions has merit, instead of the NRC making the decision.

The late breaking news today...Buchanan, home town of Entergy's Indian Point was denied status as an intervenor. Saw that one coming, as they did not make a claim that fell within Scope. The same decision should rightfully be handed down on both NY AREA, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

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